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Energy Efficient

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By making the best of the available heat, Warm Windows will make your house much more energy efficient. Cutting down the heat loss from 50% (single glazing) to only 10% (standard UPVC DGU) is an amazing feat. If that is not enough, you have an option of installing a triple glazed unit with argon and Low-E glass, which is second to none in heat retaining capabilities.

Save energy, reduce costs and secure the future

We offer a great variety of customizable options so you can find the combination that strikes your needs the most. Awning, Casement, Bi-folds, Tilt & Slide, Tilt & Turn, Ranch Sliders, French Doors and Parallel Retract Sliders are only some of the construction varieties we have. 

All the windows and doors can be manufactured to any required size or shape including - bay windows, arches, triangle windows and top/side beveled windows. With this many options do not hesitate to discuss your requirements with our friendly team for a free, professional and detailed consultation.

Passive House certified fenestration

Warm Windows provides a range of UPVC joinery suitable for application in Passive House types of buildings.

The most recent project completed by Warm Windows is Ideal house, located in Beachlands. More information about this project can be found at Idealhouse.org To meet the requirements of the Passivhaus standard, windows must comply with certain performance criteria:
• The installed windows must have airtightness below 0.6 air changes per hour at 50Pa pressure differential. This is tested insitu through the use of a blower door machine.
• The windows when installed must not have any cold spots less than 17 deg C when the outdoor temperature is -3 deg and indoor air temperature is 20 deg.
• Glazing U-Value is no less than 1.30 

These normally combine triple-pane insulated glazing (with a good solar heat-gain coefficient, low-emissivity coatings (low-e glass), sealed argon gas filled inter-pane voids, and ‘warm edge’ insulating glass spacers) with air-seals and specially developed thermally efficient window frames. 
To meet these requirements Warm Windows supplied UPVC joinery with the following characteristics:

Aluplast GmbH Ideal 8000
• 6-chamber profile with external flange sub frame and liner
• Centre gasket system with three sealing levels 

ClimaGuard Solar 67/27
• Triple glazed insulated glass units
• 4 Low-e/ 12.7/ 4 Low-e / 9mm / 4 Clear
• Warm Edge Super Spacer
• Combination of various shapes and sizes, from 500x500 to 2010 x 2060

Tilt and turn and hinged doors.
• Dr. Hahn Hinges capable of carrying the load of 250kg each, Germany
• State of the art Tilt and Turn hardware by Winkhaus activPilot, Germany
• Anti-hijacking HOPPE Secustik® handles, Germany
• Steel reinforcements inside the profiles ensure stability even of large window elements
• Embedded hardware channel for the highest level of burglary protection
• Brushed silver lamination applied to inside and outside
• Vaulted window shapes

The supplied and installed joinery passed the thermal and air tightness requirements with ease with only minor adjustments to align the 150kg door panels. Doors and windows averaging 0.5 air changes per hour and R-values of 0.9-1.2 m²°C/W.