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10 Things You Must Know About Our Windows and Doors

 1. UPVC Joinery Has The Performance

With our German UPVC profile you can be confident that the Windows and Doors in your home have the top performance on the market. Dramatic decrease in condensation, reduction of noise, outstanding insulation and incredible R-value of 0.41 - that’s 25% more than thermally broken aluminum DGU at 0.31 and 63% better than standard residential suite. These are common characteristics of quality UPVC profile. Warm Windows has the performance, it’s in a class of its own, that’s why more than 80% of homes in Europe use UPVC joinery. 

2. Incredible Value and Return on Your Investment

Would you like to get the best returns on your hard earned investment? UPVC windows with double glazing will increase the value of your property. According to the building regulations in NZ, all new buildings starting from August 2008, must be equipped with a double glazing system. Potential owners looking to buy a house will have double glazing high on their requirements list, making a house with UPVC double glazed system easier to sell for more, putting a better margin in your pocket. 

3. Security

Home security provides a great benefit – peace of mind. Being able to feel relaxed sleeping at night, or feel confident about leaving the house for a holiday, is possible thanks to the latest advancements in security technology. That is why our hardware options incorporate an advanced Multi-Point Locking System and super spacer with double glazing. Warm Windows are also fully compatible with most electronic alarms. Warm Windows are secure so that we are confident that our clients and things they love are well protected.

4. Energy Efficiency 

By making the best of the available heat, Warm Windows will make your house much more energy efficient. Cutting down the heat loss from 50% (single glazing) to only 10% (standard UPVC DGU) is an amazing feat. If that is not enough, you have an option of installing a triple glazed unit with argon and Low-E glass, which is second to none in heat retaining capabilities. 

5. Maintenance Free Windows

That Save You Time UPVC joinery requires very little in the way of maintenance as UPVC frames do not rot, warp or swell. It is designed to enhance your lifestyle and stand up against life’s knocks. UPVC joinery is a smart investment that pays off in durability and saves you time.

6. Stays Looking New for Generations

Total corrosion resistance, UV protection with addition of ecologically sound CaZn-stabilizer, highly sophisticated drainage system, quality components and master build quality helps Warm Windows tay operational for generations to come. Warm Windows is a risk-free product. Even our warranty reflects the highest standards of the industry: 15 years on the profile, 10 years on the glazing units and 5 years on the hardware.

7. Environmentally Sustainable

Here is your opportunity to help the environment and build a green, energy efficient house. Warm Windows are environmentally friendly in many ways: they are ecologically clean to manufacture, they are 100% recyclable, as well as extremely durable. Most importantly though, due to the outstanding performance Warm Windows can help you retain the heat inside the house, cut down your power bill and allow you to use energy more efficiently.

8. Safe

Another benefit of UPVC is a healthier environment inside the house. Low condensation allows avoiding excessive moisture and protects the owners from mould infestations. Great insulation properties enable UPVC windows to become a sound barrier, so you can sleep and rest better. Tight seals and no drafts will protect your family from getting a flu. A house with Warm Windows is a healthier house. 

9. Painless and Quick Installation

With over 12 years experience in manufacturing UPVC windows and doors and over 2000 completed projects in industrial and residential areas – working with our experienced specialists is a safe bet. You will benefit from our experience by having a fast, high quality and painless installation so you can enjoy the benefits of Warm Windows straight away. 

10. Homestar Certification

Contributes credits towards achieving a higher Homestar certification of your home.